The Peterborough Seniors Hockey Club operates through the efforts of its volunteers.  The club is continually in search of team reps to assist the Executive in managing the club.  Team Reps perform a primary function which without the club would not continue to operate.  As players move from one division to another team rep also move creating a shortage of reps for the division they have left.


  • Ensures all players have submitted their registration form
  • Acts as primary contact for players
  • Collects club fees from players
  • Maintains roster of players and contact information
  • Distributes hockey sweaters (at start of each session)
  • Collects hockey sweaters (at end of each session)
  • Ensures on ice etiquette and rules are adhered to by players
  • Determines the need for subs (of equal skill level)when regular players cannot play
  • Attends team rep meetings (twice yearly)
  • Assists league in rating player skill level - ensures team balancing
  • Communicates league information to players


  • Assists in league operations
  • Has direct input to Executive members
  • Get to know all the players and skill levels
  • No charge for Xmas and Season End Luncheon
  • Reduced registration fee for Fall & Winter sessions

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