IF YOU ARE A RETURNING PLAYER PLEASE DO NOT USE THE  FORM BELOW  - go to our main home page and click on the "Returning Player" button


Thank you for your interest in applying to join the club. Joining the club is a three step process.  You are embarking on the first step which is the completion of the online application.  Upon receipt of your application, our Registrar will review it f and will place your name on the waiting list. 


As we begin Team Assignments (usually around the beginning of August), the Registrar will contact you to ensure you are still available to play  and will provide you with information regarding payment of your fees.  NOTE, you will not be placed on a team until the fee is received by the club.


 When the teams have been put together, the Registrar will  email you and provide you with contact information for your team representative or may have the team representative contact you directly to provide you with information on your first game.  

At your first game we suggest you arrive a bit earlier as your team representative will provide you with a registration form (similar to the one you completed online)   Please note this process MUST take place prior to you getting on the ice in order to ensure you are covered by the CARHA Hockey Insurance policy.

Please take the time to go back to the home page of this website and review the section on Hockey Etiquette, Basic Rules and Safety First.  These are important documents which every player must adhere to.

Now, if you're ready to fill out the online registration form AND you are available to play FULL TIME on both Tuesdays and Thursdays

REGISTER using the button below

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