2023 Winter fees

UPDATE from the President

As we approach the winter 2023 session, the Executive have been hosting the DRAFT.  With the number of players moving from the F55 to the Senior Division,  the rating for players is under review in order to balance out the teams.

If you wish to register for consideration for the upcoming season, please note that by filling out the registration form, you will automatically be placed on the wait list and will be contacted when a space comes open.

As a new member to the club,  your fee will include an additional $60 which represents the subsidized cost of two shirts (Black & White) which are yours to keep and must be worn during regular play.    The shirt will bear your surname and for an additional fee, you may have a request a number on it.  Of course if you played the Fall 22 session, you already have your shirt .

Expect an email by the end of the first week in December detailing your winter fee .  Payment must be received in order for you to be activated on the team you have been assigned.  Payment will ONLY be accepted by e-transfer.


This is only for brand new players to the league.  Do not complete if you have already registered

  • Returning Player - $200
  • New Players - $275 (includes shirt & insurance)
  • Goaltender - $15 insurance fee per session




The Peterborough Seniors Hockey Club is communicating with their members through this website for general information.  

Detailed communication which is only directed to members will be delivered via the email you have provided to the club on registration.  

 If you are not receiving these emails, it may be that it is in your spam folder or that in registering on the database, you did not provide the correct email address.   

If you are not receiving emails, please inform your Team Rep orcontact the registrar  and provide your name, email address, telephone number and whether you are new to the club or you have been a a member of the club.





Our Mission

The Peterborough Seniors Hockey Club is committed to the principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.  We are a recreational non contact league open to anyone over 55 years of age regardless of skill level.  The age qualification does not apply to goaltenders.


The Peterborough Seniors Hockey Club provides an opportunity for players to participate in recreational hockey.  As part of providing a healthy and competitive playing environment, the club offers participation in one of three divisions.  The Freedom 55 division, the Seniors division and the Elderskatesmen division.  

The determination of which division you will play in is guided by a number of variables including the age of the player, the health of the player, the skill of the player and the availability of space in the division.

As a player in any of the divisions, you must adhere to the rules set by the club.  Rules are continually reviewed and revised as needed to ensure the safety and conduct of all players.  These rules apply both on and off the ice.

Team Reps

The league is always looking for team reps in order to ensure ongoing communication between players and the Executive as well as to assist in confirming player availability or temporary more....



The League is looking to expand, however in order to do so, we need goaltenders.  If you are interested in playing regularly or subbing for a goaltender, please contact our league by accessing the contact menu option at the top of your screen.

 Annual Golf Tournament

In addition to the time spent with friends playing this game, the PSHC normally arranges an annual golf game in June of each year.  

Club Details

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This award is presented to the player who best displays the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play together with a spirit of keen competitiveness always characteristic of his play.  

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Pictures of various club activities and functions are provided by members of the club.  Consider sharing some of your pictures of club activities with all members.  Send your pictures to the webmaster.

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